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Whalers Way - A Natural Heritage Listed Area

~ You can't just move the heritage area to suit your company ~

Whalers Way has been heritage listed since 1988. It contains over 10,000 acres (4119.8 ha) of significant native vegetation, home to a multitude of threatened species, including the Western Pygmy Possum, Southern Emu Wren, Western Whipbird, White-Bellied Sea Eagle, Osprey, and Australian Sea Lion, as well as migrating Southern Right Whales. Less than 1% of South Australian land is heritage listed. 

The vast majority of Whalers Way has never been grazed, and has remained unburnt for over 200 years, meaning it represents a critical habitat for an array of flora and fauna. The Native Vegetation Council has graded its conservation status as 'high'.

SouthernLaunch, a private company operating for-profit, are aiming to clear 23 ha of this heritage listed area, including critical habitat for the Southern Emu Wren, endangered in South Australia. 

This would represent a devastating loss for these species, already under threat from prolonged droughts, bushfire, increased tourist traffic and the impacts of climate change.

At a time when the world so desperately needs to maintain its tree coverage and wild spaces, the South Australian government must not sell off our wilderness to private companies!

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