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An Environmental Disaster In a Pristine Wilderness

SouthernLaunch have admitted in their own report that emissions associated with their development proposal will exceed the recommended guidelines for safe air quality in the region.

This will impact upon residents, tourists, locals and all who use the popular Fishery Bay Beach throughout the year.

WHO guidelines indicate that to reduce pollution related deaths, particulate matter 2.5 needs to be below 25ug/m3 per 24 hour period (WHO Air quality guidelines, 2021). At the launch site, PM2.5 after a launch will be 50ug/m3 – this is twice as high as the minimum level associated with increased all cause mortality.

With regular launches, this will drastically change the air quality of an area that is currently at 0ug/m3 of PM2.5, and has the potential to inflict toxic levels of PM2.5 on the people of Port Lincoln and the lower Eyre Peninsula. 

Something this dangerous, with such a catastrophic risk to human health, needs to be conducted far away from human residences, tourists and local beauty spots. 

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