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Southern Launch's Major Development Proposal for Whalers Way -
A nature sanctuary protected under Heritage Agreement

Launch Site A, B and D will include

•Assembly Buildings (temporary and permanent)

•Diesel and/or Hydrogen fuel cell powered generators

•Helicopter pads, lidar pads (light detection), radar pads

•Water tanks, capture and treatment systems

•Lightning Rods

•Anemometer Towers

•Engine Test Stands

•Propellant (Liquid, Hybrid, Solid Fuels) Storage

•Secure Block Houses

•Launch Bunker

•Reinforced building for staff with kitchen and toilet facilities

•Blast Walls

•Bunding (for Blast Wave Deflection)

•Fibre Optic and Satellite Communication Systems

•High Voltage Power Lines
•An anticipated 30 megalitre dam!
•Flame Trench (5m wide, 35m long)

•Flare Stack
•2m high barbed wire perimeter fence

•IP CCTV cameras on all site entrances
•Parking space for 19 metre semi-trailers
•Accommodation and parking for 10-15 people
•11 boreholes with depths between 3 and 6 metres 
•Plus so much more!

This development will represent 1.6% of South Australia's annual emissions! 


The "New Look" Whalers Way: Welcome

The Trial Launch Campaign


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